Our Vision

From the year 2000, Mia Newell looked forward to taking care of children as a profession.  In the year of 2003 after joining a ministry in Douglasville,Georgia the vision became stronger. January of 2007 Mia's dreams and vision began to come true and unfold. Being taught in ministry about character, Mrs. Newell was being prepared all the previous years by the Lord for this unique vision that was given to her to accomplish. The vision that was given to her was a nontraditional type setting for children and the community. Through extensive research, counseling, and teaching, Mrs. Newell saw the great need for the Character First program to be implemented in every way possible inside the community. She has experienced the need in her own family, and with this program her family has become stronger and more effective in their relationships with people. She is now reaping the benefits of this program in her family and wants to spread it to other families within the community.  

Here at God's Creation, the children will learn that character, is the inward motivation to do what is right whatever the cost. God's Creation is dedicated to the mission of properly loving and caring for the children that are committed into our care. We are building the center in a clean and safe, character environment. The goal of the center is to build a character foundation along with an educational teaching. We have found that character determines your destiny, future, and success in life. As Teddy Roosevelt once said "To educate a person in mind and not in morals, it is to educate a menace to society." Children that develop character are well adjusted and self assured children. At God's Creation your child will be in a drug, alcohol free, and smoke free environment.

 Our center is a Christian environment based from our apostolic teaching, from The Church Of the Lord Jesus Christ Today Inc. I choose this profession based on a really deep burning passion for children. My desire is to see children succeed in life with positive and productive relationships. I also, want to see the gifts, talents, and abilities manifest in such a way that people around them can see that their teachings are different. Here at God's Creation, your child is not the average everyday child. We want your children to feel loved and secure here at God's Creation. So an idea came to me inspired by the Spirit of the Lord, to have a center that you can call home and trust. Here at God's Creation we want to have a unique center for your kids to enjoy. A career in childcare is not for everyone. As for me it is vital to have staff members who have chosen childcare as a career and not happened into it by accident. Taking care of children is a sacred trust, a reward for dedicated professionals. I am dedicated & determined to see our children & families be reformed in the Douglasville community.

  -Mia Newell 


Mission Statement



The goal of this business is to provide a safe yet fun learning environment for children while helping build character for the future.  God’s Creation CTDC will be staffed with extremely dedicated professionals who understand the importance of not only monitoring, but also assisting, in the overall development of each child who has been entrusted into the care of God’s Creation CTDC.



v     To build on the excellent work started by God’s Creation

v     To help provide a safe and stable environment for the development of the youth who will be entrusted in our care

v     To assist parents with instilling positive characteristics during the early developmental stages

v     To become a pillar of support for the community of Douglas, County

v     To provide a safe and comfortable learning environment

v     To staff only qualified and dedicated professionals

v     To provide a government recommended nutrition program

v     To provide character building exercises

v     To schedule arts and crafts

v     To incorporate fun and educational field trips

v     To offer extended hours of operation

God’s Creation will be teaching the children about:

Ø      Respecting others

Ø      Working and playing as a team

Ø      Independence

Ø      Fairness

Ø      Preparation to move to the next level of education